Plague Inc. The Board Game is a strategic game of infection, evolution and extinction for 1-4 players lasting 60-90 minutes. Each player is a deadly disease competing against other players in a battle to be first to infect and wipe out the world!

Based on the bestselling video game ‘Plague Inc.’ with over 70 million players worldwide, Plague Inc: The Board Game combines the best bits of the original game with a unique tabletop design. The result is a game with a realistic theme and engaging gameplay which can be enjoyed by anyone who likes the idea of infecting people with the plague!

Plague Inc: The Board Game has been in development for almost 2 years and is fun, polished and has been extensively tested.





In Plague Inc: The Board Game, players spread their infection across the world by placing tokens in cities - earning DNA points if they are dominant. Players choose which countries are placed on the board but they must be both climate resistant and connected to a country before it can be infected.
Each player is a unique disease. They start off infecting one country on the World Board - but soon they will spread. Diseases start weak and unspecialised but as players develop symptoms - they will become stronger and spread exponentially.

Players choose which genetic traits they want from their hand of Trait Cards. More powerful traits cost more DNA points.

Players can upgrade their unique pathogen by evolving trait cards onto an evolution slide (with DNA points). The symptoms a player evolves on their Evolution Slide significantly changes how their disease behaves. Once countries become fully infected - the controlling player tries to kill them with the Death Dice! The more lethal the disease, the more likely the country is to be wiped out.

When a country dies, players may receive Event Cards which can be played to gain an advantage - or hinder an opponent.

So - now you probably want to know how the game actually works!