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King of the Creepies

King of the Creepies

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King of the Creepies is a competitive card game for kids and adults. Up to six players try to build their ultimate teams by collecting Creepie cards and outfitting them with gear and special abilities to fight in fast paced battles. Players bet their hard earned Monies in hopes to buy the perfect cards to crush their enemies. But watch out! Goblins are always hiding just out of sight to cause all sorts of mischief! Bet, bribe, and battle your way through the marketplace and the arena to become the King of the Creepies!

Each round of the game is played in three phases. In the Market phase, players buy and sell cards to try to assemble a team of well equipped Creepies. In the Match phase, players reveal their chosen combatants and then bet their Monies on the outcome. Finally, a Mischief card is drawn, which affects the battle in an unpredictable way. The battle phase is where the majority of the game takes place. Players battle each other using one of thirty unique Creepies, using Gear, Items, and Special abilities to help their cause. The winner earns a Victory Crystal, first player to get five Victory Crystals wins!

There is a variant ruleset within the box called Poker mode. In this game, players draw up an entirely new hand each round, and go through a series of rounds of betting before battle. The winner gains the pot. Then players draw up a whole new hand and try again until one player has all the Monies!

Extra informatie

Gtin 0827714012965
Aantal Spelers 2 tot 6 spelers
Aanbevolen leeftijd Vanaf 10+
Speelduur 45 min
Merk IDW Games
Taal Engels

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