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Glorantha: The Gods War – The Monsters Chaos Monsters

Glorantha: The Gods War – The Monsters Chaos Monsters

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Glorantha: The Gods War – The Monsters Chaos Monsters adds The Chaos Monsters to your game of The Gods War. These enormous, cosmic beings change the game dramatically. The Chaos Monsters do not enter the game until the Spike explodes and the Chaos Rift enters play. They aren’t ANYONE’s friend (not even the Chaos Empire’s!), but can be used to thwart others, and by killing them you can gain unique rewards. We don’t recommend using all three in a single game. Included are Cwim, the Sky Terror, the Mother of Monsters and 6 Spawn, and all cards, rewards, and everything needed to add them to your Gods War game.

Add challenges & opportunities to The Gods War, with 9 MASSIVE monster figures.

Extra informatie

Gtin 0680569978424
Aantal Spelers Vanaf 3 spelers
Aanbevolen leeftijd Vanaf 16+
Speelduur 120 min
Merk Petersen Games
Taal Engels

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